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-since 1995-

Below is a summary/menu of services that you can combine as desired. Sometimes our customers start with an initial step  , then confidently add other services.

We are here to help you and each situation is different, contact us to clarify or personalize your experience.

For practicality , geographical location , or for financial reasons   and health (Covid), we offer the appropriate services online   for this process . This does not compare to having us on site to truly internalize the Soul of your property, but if for a quick Makeover for a commercial rental, to test our common synergy, or our difficulty in meeting,_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_
it is possible to work like this, at least initially.
Not recommended for larger projects.

However, video conferencing can be useful during the project if we are renovating your second home or for a
quick check-1n.
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 Initial Consultation 

In person or online.
The first step 
to begin your project and establish a foundation.

We will meet on site and discuss together your goals, your own ideas for achieving them, and any challenges that may need to be addressed.

We will discuss the general layout, furniture placement, colors and materials suitable for the architecture/period of your home - as well as any technical challenges the property/room may present to achieve your goal..

We will give you our opinion on the potential of a property you may be looking to buy, or how best to add value to a property for sale....or simply improve your everyday living experience!


Deco Coaching

After the Initial Consultation a second step to deepen and develop the initial ideas and concepts   and execute the project.


Have you lived in your apartment or house for a long time? Are you attached to your furniture as well as your decorative items? Do you find your interior "old-fashioned" or poorly organized? Do you want to refresh your interior without engaging in structural work? Do you want to benefit from the professional aspect of your interior in its functional and aesthetic aspects?

An interior renovation brings a new atmosphere to your home without having to resort to expensive construction or time-consuming renovations. With a new arrangement of your furniture, a reorganization and harmonization of your interior, your living space will become as pleasant as it is practical.

If necessary, such an interior renovation will be accompanied by a certain Deco Coaching to complete the furniture and decorative elements already present in your apartment or house.

The decoration coach relies on the rules of coaching: questioning your lifestyle, listening to your expectations and then defining your project. The coach is there to guide you in carrying out your project by relying on his experience of decorator.

Why use this service?

Many do not know their taste in decoration. They allow themselves to be influenced by the fashions plastered in magazines and exhibited in TV shows...instead of creating their own living space, freed from the dictates of home fashion. These so popular Makeover shows also give the impression that the process is easy but it is far from it... the ratings must be respected, the perspectives, colors, etc...

Whether you are a fan of Recycling, contemporary lines or the Flemish style, the decoration coach will be there to help you decide and reconcile with your home.

If you know exactly what you like, the decoration coach will give you the essential rules to follow for the full success of a decor: harmony, right choice of colors and materials and use of space.


Objectives of Deco coaching - even services provided for the interior design process.


Make your interior more functional, welcoming and pleasant to live in on a daily basis.


Combine your furniture and your decorative objects to create a harmonious and warm atmosphere.


Enhance each piece of furniture and each object by finding its ideal place, both aesthetically and functionally.


Rethink the organization of each room within your interior so that your home is optimized and adapted to your lifestyle.





​ Do you want to completely rethink the decoration or layout of your offices, shop or restaurant?


o improve the customer experience and conversion or improve the productivity and well-being of your employees and collaborators, we will be happy to provide you with our know-how to fit out your premises according to your desires and functional needs.


​ Whatever the desired style (classic, modern, etc.), we will be able to give you the best advice so that your project is a success down to the smallest detail. You will benefit from our expertise to furnish and decorate your spaces in order to maximize performance and aesthetics.


Taking into account the constraints of the place, your expectations, and your needs, we will offer you our advice and solutions concerning:


The layout of your rooms


The colors to set


Shades and materials to use


The makeover of furniture and accessories



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Work management

Monitoring of residential and commercial projects that we have supervised (50+)

considerable experience has been gained, qualifying us to oversee any project. 

We will of course be delighted to supervise our common project, but can also manage any project from the installation of a room to a renovation of a Villa, from manufacturing and installing a bar to supervising the installation of a complete restaurant.

We   offer a monthly fee to oversee renovations or maintenance of Villas.

Conciergeries can trust us to take care of all their construction or redevelopment work, etc...

Programs also available   for supervision of groups of Villas or exclusive collaborations.

See our Portfolio - Residential and Commercial section to judge our experience for yourself.

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  For a project
complete/more consequent renovation and interior decoration with structural alterations

After the Initial Consultation and the first information processed, another appointment will be made to deepen the project and discuss the ideas that could have progressed after the first meeting. 

All basic points will be covered:

-Structural changes if needed.

- Layout/re-layout

-Materials and colors 

The same Coaching principles will be applied:

Make your interior more functional, welcoming and pleasant to live in on a daily basis.

Combine your furniture and your decorative objects to create a harmonious and warm atmosphere.

Enhance each piece of furniture and each object by finding its ideal place, both aesthetically and functionally.

Rethink the organization of each room within your interior so that your home is optimized and adapted to your lifestyle.


​ In the second phase, from the structural changes, the choice of materials and the colors chosen - the architectural elements - we will move on to furniture and accessories in order to develop an interior to your taste and habits, harmonious and elegant.


We'll take care of bespoke furniture, sourcing new elements and integrating them with your own furniture, replacing what's needed - but no more - to keep your own personal touch to your space as much as possible - and stay on budget.


We can also oversee the receipt, placement, and installation of the entire project. Our experience in managing forty projects, including thirty commercial ones, allows us to be organized, efficient and know all the mistakes to avoid...

Sourcing Slide.jpg

decorative elements 

Consideration must be given to materials, textures, colors, sizes/scales, styles,
etc..., in order to select at
best furniture and accessories for your space or for
add to your existing furniture.

It can be daunting and confusing choosing furniture for a new space, or worse, selecting items to add to an existing  mobilier.

Do the colors complement each other or, on the contrary, would a drastic contrast be more striking? Is the size of the coffee table adequate for the sofa?...and does it match the light fixture? Should we add a street lamp or a plant in the corner?....etc...etc....

There are so many elements to take into consideration and especially that we can not think of. Let us do!

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2D & 3D plans

  A recommended option if you find it difficult to visualize
and/or if the project is of importance.
Very useful to confirm the harmony of the colors of the decorative elements. 
Also needed to check the scale of furniture.


It is recommended to use this service in order to undoubtedly determine the necessary scale of furniture. The color scheme will also be obvious. 

Essential for commercial projects.

Furniture, lighting, fittings:

Essential to be able to visualize the design and to provide the Workshop with a complete description of the project.


Furniture, Art & Fittings

  We have created, designed and produced thousands of elements
from decorations, from furniture to lighting, from art to fittings.
This in all materials.

We can execute any design by combining the materials of your choice. 

You imagine it, we create it. Sofas, kitchens, tables, lighting, store and restaurant fittings...

After our Initial Consultation, plans will be created for your approval and for L'Atelier de fabrication.

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Our extensive experience allows us to offer you our Consulting services to support or direct you in your product development and launch projects....or structure your entire operation at the level
national & international

Our specialty is in the world of Home/Decoration/Gift.

Do you have an idea for a new Company? Want to add to your existing product line? Do you want to start exporting?

Let's sit down and discuss!

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