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Jean Chrisyophe  Hryb decorateur interieur architecte meilleur best interior designer st t
Designing since 1993

Jean-Christophe Hryb has scoured   the St Ouen aParis flea market at the Rosebowl in Pasadena since 1979.
This is where he got the idea to sell old postcards - framed front and back to show the incredible Calligraphy of the Past - and vintage fashion magazine advertisements. These are his first two products. He quickly diversified his wall decor offering creating dozens of lines since then and selling to literally every gift, home/furniture and chain store in the US over the years.

Always on the lookout for new up-cycling and product development concepts for its own stores and international customers. His Style de Vie and Twenty Gauge companies have generated _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ tens of millions of Euros in turnover over the years while refining Jean-Christophe's eye and sense of design. Hryb. 

Considered innovators of vintage design in Los Angeles and the USA, we are particularly recognized for our expertise in the design sourcing, restoration and up-cycling of _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_vintage elements. This thanks to our relations with our relations with the big (and smaller) E Collectors   from Europe and the USA. Style de Vie has mastered the alchemy of restoration using special techniques developed over decades to preserve the integrity of each piece. Our special collection of reclaimed elements and materials informs our contemporary aesthetic.

Twenty _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ twenty years ago, Twenty Gauge - now the Vintage division of Lifestyle - introduced the fitness industry's now universally famous steel lockers to fashion. Furnishings, - offered at major Decor Industry Geants stores   such as Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, IKEA   and many others. Twenty Gauge , always a visionary design leader, has brought factory equipment into your living room, military blankets as a trendy and durable textile option to your favorite dining chairs, industrial butcher blocks into your kitchen and a basket locker toy storage unit in "Little Johnny!"

JC Hryb was instrumental in the development   of the design of recent   decades   and the Industrial and Vintage movement -136bad5cf58d_ which has transformed the Industry to this day.



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Jean-Christophe Hryb

JC Hryb (born Jean-Christophe Hryb) is an interior designer born in Versailles (France) and emigrated to the United States of America in 1987.


JC Hryb has created a   custom furniture manufacturing workshop and an interior design company

Style de Vie, [1] and vintage steel furniture restoration company Twenty Gauge; [2] have Showrooms inside the Historic building where Helms Bakery was located [3] in Culver City, California. Then JC Hryb opens its independent exhibition Showroom on Beverly Blvd. In Hollywood, CA.

JC Hryb is one of the pioneers of bringing Industrial Vintage into the home. Classical antiques have always been used in décor, but why not 'antiques' from the Industrial Age, a period that shaped our world as we know it today both culturally and design-wise (see Haywood Wakefield, Knoll, Eames, etc... JC Hryb is the first American wholesaler (how he started his career) to offer "Vintage" as we know it today as a wholesale line and concept viable at the famous American furniture show circuit (NYC, LA, High Point, etc...), his vision was quickly recognized and copied time and time again by giants like IKEA, Restoration Hardware (HR (company), Pottery Barn - which created a division based on the famous "Basket Locker" and launched " in 2003.

A myriad of stores followed suit and JC Hryb's vision changed the world of design as we know it today. Vintage was quickly flipped by top retailers and touted as the “new industrial look” for the home.

It is still a very big trend in the interior design business today as well as a huge influence on retail design.

Style de Vie is Hryb's creative outlet for interior design and bespoke modern furniture manufacturing.

In 2008, JC worked in collaboration with fellow French designer Christian Audigier[4] to design Audigier's flagship clothing store and furniture for THE SAME GUY' (retail concept name)[5] in Los Angeles, California. [6]

JC marries his affinity for modern design with the restoration/customization of vintage furniture for Twenty Gauge. [7] Twenty Gauge specializes in restoring and revitalizing vintage furniture from the 1930s to the 50s to give them new life, albeit with a slightly modern twist. [8] JC says of salvaging or upgrading vintage furniture: "I love its industrial look and history, but the lines are clean...and made of metal so it has a modern look." [8]

An original coffee table that JC had built from a vintage architecture filing cabinet won the Home Magazine American Furniture Award in the "Preserving the Tradition" category. Since then, Twenty Gauge has also become world renowned for its inventive reconstruction and reassembly of vintage steel furniture for the home and office. They now offer custom design and finishing services to meet the needs of clients with specific design requirements or those wishing to realize their vision. JC welcomes and appreciates the imagination of its customers, and works personally with them, helping them to create the furniture of their dreams.

The Twenty Gauge visionary now also offers both residential and commercial interior design, please visit our sister and umbrella company @

In 2019, the founder of SDV and TG, JC Hryb, returns to his roots, offering the same services he did in Los Angeles "sur la Côte d'Azur", based in Saint Tropez. His presence was immediately recognized by the local design community.

Considered an innovator of vintage design in Los Angeles and the USA, JC Hryb li is now particularly recognized for his expertise in sourcing, restoring and up-cycling vintage elements that he selects himself to meet the needs of its customers: Art, furniture, accessories, lighting, etc. etc ...

Since 1993 in the USA, Style de Vie has been a trusted resource for architects, design professionals, as well as creatives, stars from Los Angeles to New York (actors, directors, designers, chefs, musicians, etc.) and various business leaders.

JC Hryb now offers the same in France and Europe. He also offers Home Staging, of which he has become an expert.

JC Hryb is committed to providing solutions that are both aesthetic and functional.

He works closely with his clients to provide artistic direction while maintaining their unique vision. He guides his clients throughout the design, manufacturing and installation process. The development of his own product lines, as well as the multitude of unique pieces created, designed and manufactured for his clients and their projects, quickly honed his knowledge of the materials and the sense of design necessary to create a piece of furniture or an entire project in a unique way. fast and effective.


JC Hryb's international experience spanning over 30 years in building and growing businesses and product lines has led him to offer consulting services. 

His experience both vertically and horizontally allows him to advise his clientele - from the creation of a product to the entire structure of their business - from a business plan to finally a marketing, promotion and sales strategy.

JC has not yet established a formal Showroom  in Europe as he has not determined which city is best suited to his talents...other than Paris...but being family, he chooses to live on the Côte d'Azur where the immediate family took root by chance when he went to the United States in the late 80s.

JC Hryb still works internationally, especially between the USA and Europe.

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